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Painter trousers


65% polyester, 35% cottonbasis weight 262 g/m²possibility of adjustment at the waistside pocketsmade from the material of high quality, which ensures, that after multiple washing, colours are still rich, and the size remains stable..

Paiting overall


100% polypropylenebasis weight 40 g/m²zippedhood with rubber band finishborders of sleeves and legs finished with contracting elastic, thanks to which the overalls provide better tightnessgathering at the waist enables better fit to the user's body..

Protective glasses


Chipproof protective glasses.optical class: 1made of polycarbonatewide temples constitute a protection also on the sidesat the ends of temples there are small holes, to which e.g. a string could be attached, owing to which it is possible to hang the ..

Protective gloves


Protective gloves made of goatskin leather.grain goatskin leather in light coloursdenim and grey stiff cufffull-palm glove - the gloves gripping part is made of one piece of leather, thanks to which the product is more durable and resistant to abrasi..

Protective gloves


Protective gloves entirely made of cowhide.Split cowhidefull-palm of the hand type - gripping part of the glove made from a single piece of leather, thanks to which they show better durability and resistance against wearing throughall-leather, that i..

Protective gloves insulated


full grain goat leather in bright colourswarm fleece that provides excellent protection against the cold, yet does not stiffen the glovetop made of stretch fabric in an olive green colour, so it fits hands perfectlyhigh quality soft goat skin provide..

Protective shoes Treis


cowhideankle boots, they reach above the anklesole made of double polyurethane and acid resistant, anti-slippingsteel under-toe resistant to impact with 200J energy and bending up to 15 kNspecial leather covering fastened on the shackle situated on t..

Protective suit


Protective suitblouse, dungaree trousers..

Protective suit KOM-FLOMED


EN1149-5EN13034 (TYPE 6)EN14126 (TYPE 5-B TYPE 6-B)ENISO13982-1..

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